Prediction: Affordable Wifi For All

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Status: Uncertain

Prediction: Affordable wifi for all

“The New York initiative will become the norm. Almost every city will look to deploy affordable wireless broadband. Once everyone is wired, all kinds of new business services, apps, and revenue possibilities open up. Some people might not even need phones to communicate. In many parts of the city, they could just use an iPod Touch or some other WiFi device.” 

Econovation, 2011, p.158

What Happened:

The Future of Public Wi-Fi: What to Do Before Using Free, Fast Hot Spots 2016

“Like New York City’s phone-booths-turned-hotspots, public Wi-Fi is getting faster and more widespread.”

The Connected City and the Future of Free Wi-Fi 2014

“Cities across the world are struggling to come up with a solution to providing reliable public Wi-Fi to meet these new consumer and urban demands, and many — like Taiwan, Paris, Tel Aviv and Perth to name just a few — have developed and implemented free Wi-Fi networks shrouding downtown areas, designed to make the urban experience more enjoyable for both tourists and residents.”

What Would Happen If America Got Free, ‘Nationwide’ WiFi? Google Wins, Carriers Lose 2013

“In a nutshell, the FCC is proposing that free WiFi be extended to nearly every
metropolitan area in the United States, along with “many rural areas,” according to the Post.”

What’s Next?


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