Prediction: All Will Bow to the #iMob

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Prediction: The witch hunt is coming for YOU

Status: Occurring

“There was a glorious time in the late 1600’s when American villagers gathered in large groups, at night…with torches, to confront the greatest scourge of their time – witches. Today, a new generation of digital villagers was born with equally divine powers – to hunt and slay evil directly from an iPhone 5s, possibly even an iPhone 4. These young idealists have nearly eliminated every problem facing this nation. From insensitive duck hunters to mistress mishandlers to fowl-mouthed comedians. This is only the beginning. They are capable of so much more.

Our eHeroes also taught me that every offensive or misguided Tweet must lead to a firing. Permanent unemployment is the only way racially insensitive people can truly feel apologetic, forever.

You showed me that a swarm of outrage is a bonding experience. Together, we can achieve self-esteem by standing high atop the misery of others. Then, like a frog, leap from one miscreant to another, stomping on their heads just long enough to ensure they lose their jobs and die penniless.

I know that you, my short-term outraged friends, are never done innovating. I expect big things from you. When the next controversy comes, I know you’ll kick it up a notch. 

Together, I know we can build a just society, where we all have the same opinion and are equally afraid to share it.

To the companies that fired employees over a brief spike of outrage, I salute you too. Instead of waiting for your own paying customers, fans, and subscribers to protest, you wisely decided to respect the one audience that counts – a flash mob.

Intolerance We Trust, Jul 2014

What Happened

We’re all bound and gagged by a new boss — social media mobs, Jul 2018

It’s actually that second tweet that’s the disaster. Because it makes it achingly obvious that there’s a new boss in town, one even more powerful than a corporation like Disney. That boss is the social media mob. And we all work for it now.

We Live in Fear of the Online Mobs, Aug 2017

Internet shaming spreads everywhere and lives forever. We need a way to fight it.

We’ve got to stop letting ‘outrage mobs’ get people fired Aug 2018

40 Careers That Were Ruined by Social Media 

The Coddling of the American Mind

“This new climate is slowly being institutionalized, and is affecting what can be said in the classroom, even as a basis for discussion. During the 2014–15 school year, for instance, the deans and department chairs at the 10 University of California system schools were presented by administrators at faculty leader-training sessions with examples of microaggressions. The list of offensive statements included: “America is the land of opportunity” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”

‘Disinvitations’ For College Speakers Are On the Rise — Here’s A List of People Turned Away This Year

“These issues have been so pervasive at colleges that Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas, and Michael Bloomberg all warned about political correctness gone awry and the dangers of limiting free speech during their respective commencement speeches.”

Google Fires Author Of “Outrageous” Memo Slamming Company’s Anti-Conservative Culture

“The document’s author also wrote that employees with conservative political beliefs are discriminated against at Google and lamented about how “leftist” ideology is harmful.”

Why Liberals Aren’t as Tolerant as They Think, May 2017

“Education’s suppression of expressed prejudice suggests a culture of political correctness in which people don’t feel comfortable sharing their true feelings for fear of reprisal.”

Philip Davies MP: ‘Political Correctness Is Damaging Men’, Nov 2015

“Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, found himself at the centre of a raging gender storm last week, when he suggested that men’s issues should be discussed in Parliament on International Men’s Day, November 19th. Despite making an impassioned plea to the Backbench Business Committee last Tuesday – underscored by troubling new data on Thursday that showed a 40 per cent spike in male suicides for men in their 40s and record low educational achievement for white, working-class boys – his comments were met with unbridled ridicule from Labour’s Jess Philips.”

Political Correctness Is Too Painless, May 2016

“So could there be a new coalition of common sense that stands up for free speech against the PC overreach? The seeds have perhaps already been planted. Last week, strange bedfellows Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch cowrote an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal that called unequivocally on college leaders to “[s]top stifling free speech and coddling intolerance for controversial ideas, which are crucial to a college education – as well as to human happiness and progress.”

Of Furries and Fascism at Google – The company lets politics in the door and discovers it only breeds intolerance.

Part of growing up is learning to live with your emotions; today’s shortcut is to believe whatever your feelings are, they’re justified. Humanity never met a dictator or demagogue who said, “I’m a bad person. I want to do bad things.” The worst among us always feel justified.

It’s Time To Call A Truce In The Outrage Wars, Or We All Lose

The Right is matching the Left outrage-mob for outrage-mob, with a Republican president leading the way. This is going nowhere good.

What’s Next?

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