Prediction: Your Doctor’s Office Will Be Your Phone

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Status: Occurring

Prediction: Phone-linked remote medicine will take off

“Even without an elegant solution to the data problem, remote monitoring technology will be the next wave of health care innovation. It is the scalable killer app that will cut down on office visits and allow doctors to monitor hundreds of patients’ vitals from the comfort of their iPhones. Below are a few of the technologies that are hinting at a future where visiting the doctor will be as quaint as changing channels by rolling off the couch to turn a mechanical knob on your TV”

Econovation, 2011 (p111)

What Happened

Others are arriving at these conclusions years after we saw it coming:

31 Tech Predictions for 2019, Dec 2018

7. Health care will become a B2C industry.
“Thanks in large part to digital technology, rising health care costs, and increased competition, patients have become empowered consumers…. They will increasingly look for ways to receive care outside of traditional doctor’s office visits by exploring digital health care options such as telemedicine and chatbot technology.
–Matt Hawkins, CEO and board member at Waystar, a technology platform that simplifies and unifies the health care revenue cycle to improve the financial health of more than 440,000 health care providers

Wearables pioneer Jawbone is back with a new mission: Warning you about health problems you didn’t know you had, Sep 2018

“Two-thirds of all deaths today are lifestyle-disease related, which means it’s just bad living, right?” he said. “But the reality is, if you catch that stuff early and you change your behavior or whatnot, you can push out half of those deaths and save 70 percent of the cost.”

the new company will be “device and sensor agnostic,” partnering with other “clinical-grade” device makers and able to accept data from hardware like the iPhone and the Apple Watch

Portable “tricorder” device spots cancer or heart attack biomarkers in minutes, Sep 2018

Apple Wants to Save Your Life, Sep 2018

The Series 4 watch is an FDA-approved medical device.

Virtual doctor start-up American Well is raising over $300 million and Philips is a new investor, Jul 2018

Investors are pouring more money into telemedicine start-ups even though adoption has been slow.

A new report from the research firm Rock Health found that digital health companies have raised more than $3.4 billion in funding in the first half of 2018. And acquisitions are picking up, most notably with Amazon’s agreement last week to buy internet pharmacy PillPack for around $1 billion.

Dexcom‘s newest diabetes device can read your blood sugar without any blood, Jun 2018

VISIT can help you with all your healthcare needs in minutes!, Apr 2018

How Big Tech Is Going After Your Health Care, Dec 2017

Smartphone-compatible ultrasound machine streams images from remote locations, 2018

Philips Lumify with Reacts, that streams data from its mobile ultrasound machines to just about any expert at a hospital or university.

The company had already offered a subscription service…can stream the actual data from ultrasound readings along with the video between a medical technician in the field and a doctor far away (at no extra charge). The companies bill the new service as useful for paramedics, disaster relief workers, or midwifes working from remote locations. turns your smartphone into a clinical-grade medical testing device, 2018

“’s solution is CE and ISO 13485-certified. The dipstick measures 10 parameters and indicates a range of infections, chronic illnesses, and pregnancy-related complications.”

Abortion Via Telemedicine Is Totally Safe, Study Says 2017

“Nineteen states require a clinician to be present when a woman takes medicine to end her pregnancy in order to keep her safe. But the new, multi-year study has found that medication abortions are just as safe when they are done with a clinician overseeing them remotely as they are in the physical presence of a doctor.”

Basque Country Reaches Out to the Elderly 2013

“The Basque solution to this problem has been to develop a centralized, multi-platform healthcare system, which enables patients – many with restricted mobility – to access healthcare using their phones, the internet and a new patient monitoring system called TEKI, developed in conjunction with Accenture.”

Paging Dr. MacGyver: Julian Smith Tracks the Rise of DIY Medical Devices 2014

“Innovators share ideas, plans, and inspiration on social networks, online forums, and specialist Web sites like Instructables, which lists thousands of step-by-step directions posted by users. Small wearable sensors embedded in sneakers or bracelets let users record massive amounts of detailed personal health data and analyze it on laptops or smartphone apps.”

MapMyFitness, The App That May Know More About Your Health Than Your Doctor 2014

The Startups Saving Health Care 2014

“Obamacare is fueling a hot new industry that uses mobile technology to curb health care spending. Smart startups are already cashing in.”

Apple Executives Met With F.D.A. to Discuss Mobile Medical Applications 2014

iWatch + iOS 8: Apple Sets Out to Redefine Mobile Health, Fitness Tracking 2014

ARM Has Prescription For Medical Devices For Chronic Conditions 2016

“ARM is the most widely deployed processor technology in smartphones and wearables, devices we expect to be the main platform for securely gathering medical data and acquiring a patient’s biometric identity and consent,” said Shiv Ramamurthi, healthcare technology director at ARM.”

Here’s What 6 Doctors Really Think of Dr. Google 2015

“Google says it has worked with a team of doctors led by Google’s Dr. Kapil Parakh, to “carefully compile, curate, and review this information. All of the gathered facts represent real-life clinical knowledge from these doctors and high-quality medical sources across the web, and the information has been checked by medical doctors at Google and the Mayo Clinic for accuracy.”

The Doctor Will See You Now — Through Google 2014

The Progressive, Affordable Doctor Is In 2015

“’I really wanted to do everything in a…tech-driven way,’ Dr. Berzin says. ‘It changes the whole experience of going to the doctor, making it more accessible and affordable.’”

You’re The Doctor Now, And Your Office Is In Your House 2015

“You can now own home versions of many of the tools you used to have to schlep to a clinic to get access to–and the doctor is just an Internet connection away.”

Vital Patch 2017

“Never before has such a small, elegant device provided so much valuable information for physicians and nurses. This state-of-the-art patch monitors eight vital signs continuously, in real time. Finally, care givers and hospital staff can access all of this critical information in a consolidated view, through one device, on a mobile platform.”

Video Is About To Become The Way We All Visit The Doctor 2015

The Doctor That Never Sleeps 2014

“Now the company has added a service called Prime, whereby a subscriber can talk immediately with a licensed doctor by phone, tablet, or computer; using voice, text, or video; at any time of day or night; as many times as he or she might like; in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. For this, a person pays $99 a month.”

Scanadu Raises $35M Series B To Check Your Pee And Scan Your Vitals 2015

“Scanadu, a health tech startup working on devices that can scan and upload medical-grade diagnostic tests to a smartphone, has raised $35 million in Series B financing.”

For $149 a Month, the Doctor Will See You as Often as You Want 2017

“Forward combines a variety of services—you can get help with your high cholesterol, a pap smear, and a vaccine for an upcoming overseas trip—with data gathered both at the office and, via wearable gadgets and Forward’s smartphone app, at home.”

How Artificial Intelligence Will Cure America’s Sick Healthcare System 2017

A Digital Revolution In Health Care Is Speeding Up 2017

Simple Digital Technologies Can Reduce Health Care Costs 2016

Goldman Sachs: Connected Devices and Services Can Save Healthcare $300 Billion 2015

Exclusive: Google Buys Seattle Health Monitoring Startup Senosis, Bolstering Digital Health Push 2017

This Doctor Diagnosed His Own Cancer with an iPhone Ultrasound 2017

Diagnosing illness by smell – A prototype device to detect the scent of disease

To catch Apple, Fitbit invests in a company that makes a small patch to track blood sugar for diabetics, 2018

This Industry Will Get Uberized in 2016 – From plastic surgery to prescriptions, the on-demand model is about to do to health care what it has already done to transportation. Dec 2015

What’s Next?

AI Medicine

The FDA Approved an Algorithm That Predicts Death

Artificial intelligence shows promise in identifying scans of patients in need of immediate medical attention

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