How Sex Saves Free Speech & Stops Social Media Wars From Becoming Real Ones

How Sex Saves Free Speech The McFuture podcast with steve faktor
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What if I told you Twitter was sitting on something BIG? Get your mind out of the gutter! Buried deep inside Twitter is a simple, sexy fix for our social media woes – hate speech, cancel culture, rage mobs, demonetization and silencing of free speech. The same fix would work for Facebook, YouTube, and other social media services. There’s just one problem. Like a Japanese horror flick, the social media monster jumped off our iPhone screens and into the real world. And it wants our silence.

In this episode:
  • How we tame the social media monster.
  • The definitive case for online free speech – and why even hate speech is our last defense against the slippery slope that’s already here.
This is only the beginning!

In the next episode, ‘Why Rage Rules’ , I’ll explore the real game being played – and who benefits from our infighting. And it’s wild! AND Patreon members can hear that episode right now!  

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