Steve Quoted in Inc. Magazine: How Your Business Idea Can Help Save the World & Win $15 Million

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XPrize is a pretty big deal, but does it actually work? Is the world finally saved? This article in Inc. Magazine explains. Read the whole thing, but here is Steve Faktor’s quote from the piece:

“The person who is motivated by social good may not always be the best executive to take the idea forward to commercialize,” says Steve Faktor, founder of IdeaFaktory, an accelerated-growth and innovation consultancy. “There are people who want to save the world. There are people who want to profit from what they do. Then there are people who want to have the intersection of both. And there’s having the skill to do it. Those things need to be in alignment in order to bring these ideas to market, because you can drop the ball anywhere along the way.”

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