How to Stop Fighting on Facebook – Steve Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

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In this August 5th article in the Wall Street Journal, Allison Lichter writes about the first world problem of how to handle politics on Facebook. I offered a tidy tsunami of opinions, though only a handful made it into the piece. Here are my quotes. Read the article for the rest.

When a hot-button topic appears in his Facebook timeline, Steve Faktor, an author and business owner, says responses can take a few different forms.

There are people “who preach to the choir” and there are people who block or unfollow you if you bother them too much, he says. And “there are the fighters. They’re going to start a heated debate where they end up alienating people.”

Mr. Faktor says he has started stifling his more impulsive responses: “I have a mantra that I borrowed from the comedian Adam Carolla: If it doesn’t make you money or it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it. I would be three or four sentences in and I’d be like, ‘Apply filter, apply filter.’ “

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