Covidiocracy + Mourning Glory

Our Coronavirus conundrum has exposed our fragility. In the first part of this episode, I explore the importance of mourning our old lives and how we must adapt. Then I revisit Idiocracy, a member-only episode, on how we’ve bred fragility into our society. It’s even more salient in light of this pandemic. In it, I […]

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[8] 5 Reasons Why Bullshit Won

Ever wonder why suddenly there’s all kinds of “fake news” and everyone, including our President, can lie without consequence? Steve Faktor explains the five evolutionary reasons why bullshit is winning. Enjoy the latest episode of The McFuture podcast (or read it below)! Remember to share it & rate it  5-stars on iTunes!  In 1963, 10

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The Economics of Happiness

While researching my next book on the future of jobs, I had a revelation. No, God didn’t hand me a Windows tablet. I was blown away by how many articles and websites I found about ‘happiness at work’. 5 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You 7 Steps to a Job That Completes You 10 Tricks to

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Are you TED-worthy?

In one episode of Seinfeld, Elaine finds out the birth control sponge was discontinued. So she buys up all available inventory and obsesses over how “Spongeworthy” her many suitors are. Like Elaine, we luxuriate in the abundance of the information age, but it also hides some uncomfortable scarcities. In watching the recent TEDGlobal event in

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