The Rise & Fall of Influence…And Influencers

rise and fall of influence - the mcfuture with steve faktor -
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“Influence” is the most powerful and misunderstood force in society today. It’s often confused with power, fame, talent and even force. But real influence is far more graceful and subversive. Real influence is born out of conquest but wielded with grace. And real influencers have more in common with pioneers who settled the West, than Kanye West. But the recent rise of “influencers” is an insurgent attempt to rip influence from the source of its power.

This episode unravels the history of influence, its surprising relationship to technology, and a formula for how to tame its latest incarnation. You don’t want to miss it.

In this episode:

  1. Context is everything
  2. The Arc of Influence
  3. The Quickening
  4. Why & when of personal branding & influence
  5. The Sustainable Influence Formula

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