Prescription: Schools and Businesses Should Intertwine to Drive Innovation

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Status: Occurring

Prescription: Universities and businesses should intertwine

“There is a mass-market opportunity for new types of schools that are linked to business and get private funding. These schools will produce more innovators, engineers, and tinkerers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.”

Econovation, 2011, p.147

What Happened

Citi Ventures taps into student talent though universities programme, Jan 2018

Citi has launched a programme that embeds students from leading universities into its innovation efforts, enabling participants to earn course credit for work with the bank on emerging technologies such as machine learning and big data analytics.

Students – from the likes of Columbia University Business School, Georgetown, and University of Texas at Austin – are matched based on their interests and skill sets with internal Citi initiatives including projects.

Gov. Cuomo Calls For More Schools Like Brooklyn’s P-TECH 2014

“The new public schools, scheduled to open around the state next year, will award associate’s degrees to students in six-year programs created in partnership with corporations, just like the setup at P-TECH in Brooklyn.”

Following IBM’s Lead, SAP Just Opened A Six-Year High School In New York City 2014

“Now corporations are running public high schools. But in this case, it’ll prepare students for high-demand science and technology careers and maybe even funnel them into a job at the company.”

How Coursera Is Connecting Its Students To Tech Employers Like Google 2015

“Google challenged [Coursera] students in the Mobile Cloud Computing Specialization to design a mobile cloud computing app from scratch. Now, it’s considering some of those apps to be featured in the Google Play store.”

What’s Next?

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