Heil to the Chief

My grandfather died fighting the Nazis in World War II. My family and I escaped the Soviet Union because of religious persecution. So imagine how thrilled I was to see ‘alt-right’ white nationalists playing ‘Sieg-Heil-to-the-Chief’ in D.C. this week. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing – this re-packaged neo-Nazi insurgence or our incoming President’s tacit

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The One Lie That Will Save American Democracy

Like rotten fruit suspended in Jell-O, we’ve congealed inside a failing two party system. The two likely nominees for president have the combined likability of a hemorrhoid playing Mariachi music. Sure, many still yearn for a decade at Bernie’s 350-million-man kibbutz. Others now get their crackers…wafers…at The Church of Trumpology. Some endorse Donald Trump, hoping he can bring the apocalypse, er,

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The Church of Trumpology

I watch one successful, college-educated, white friend after another rail against Trump on Facebook. I want to say something, but instead pity their earnestness…with a twinge of sarcasm. Not only are 99% of their friends exactly like them, the 1% who like Trump are way beyond conversion. The reason isn’t intellectual or even psychological. It’s spiritual. A vote for Trump is

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